Tiana Blades Photography

There's More To A Photo Than Meets The Lens

Who Am I...

I am an 18 year old who greatly appreciates individuality. I love every category of art and I wish to pursue all. Inspiration is one of my favorite words and I love using inspiration in everything I do, but my main inspiration comes from myself. I don't like redesigning other pieces from different artists; so that I can say it is my own. I like to prove that you don't need to be technical to be professional. It is your own individuality that creates your talent.

I began photography in 2008. I had my first paid shoot in 2009 and pursued that ever since. I love running a business and I love photoshoots. Knowing that I am giving someone a gift full of memories, makes me truly happy. I always appreciate your help for giving me the oportunity for more experience.